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Fri Jul 26 12:40:29 CEST 2013

People and Companies outsource to different Recruitment companies.   
recruiting services  They get benefits from them by  getting additional  
information and insights on outsourcing.  job agencies  Actually outsourcing   
is the transfer or subcontracting of service to a third-party or service  
provider, usually a company or a person, for the provision of work or  
service.  Enployment Provider Ggroup  This type of arrangement has been  
around for several years and becomes popular due to rising labor cost in host  
countries.    Candor Studies show that customer service, payroll, billing,  
data entry, medical transcription and article writing are the common  
outsourced jobs of companies in developing countries.  recruitment companies   
Companies outsourced specialized process to become more efficient and to save  
to manpower cost.

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