[Trisquel-users] How do you get your movies?

gnuser at lavabit.com gnuser at lavabit.com
Tue Jul 23 21:57:05 CEST 2013

Hello =)
I am really pleased to read your post =)

I don't know if you like watching amateur films too (they are not licensed  
under CC, but they uploaded on youtube by the makers, so, they probably don't  
even know they should license it), but here are some links:


Also, I like to watch "fan films" which are usually made by amateurs too, but  
based on a pre existent character (some characters belong to public domain,  
others don't). Here are some high quality ones that you might like:


Also, I never knew of clearbits.net Thanks for sharing =)
Do you know if they have direct download instead of torrent? On the website  
couldn't find any information, but I was hoping you could provide me some  
direct download links =)

Anyway, that's the spirit! Free movies, playing in free software. ^_^
If you want, I will send you more links for free movies similar to those  

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