[Trisquel-users] Can someone give me a compelling case why I should use only free-software?

shiretoko at web.de shiretoko at web.de
Sun Jul 21 23:12:09 CEST 2013

At first, using capitals in the web implies that you're shouting; I hope you  
didn't want to shout all the time.

 > "Software X is property of person A, and it comes with the source code.  
Everyone is free to use it, share it and study the source code, but any  
changes must be suggested to person A, and he will decide if he will include  
it or not. Sharing any kind of modified version is a violation."
 >Now, is it such a wrong thing?

Yes, it is.
You are using the word "property" in a very misleading way.
Of course person a is free to write a program and keep it private.
No one forces him to release the program. He can just keep it for himself.
But releasing it as software, other people will install it on their own pc's.  
They have a copy of it, it's their own copy and they run the copy on machines  
which are their property.
Whenever you want other people to execute your code on their machines, it is  
not longer "your property".
They deserve the freedom to modify it and release their own version, as long  
as they give credit to you.

 > That is why I say that PRODUCING PROPIRETARY SOFTWARE is not evil, nor  

I disagree. It is extremly unethical.
Proprietary software just can do one thing: getting executed by someone.
Everytime this happens, someone gets harmed and his freedom gets taken away.
So proprietary software only does bad.
The best thing which could happen is nobody uses the software.
Though, creating the software is the act of creating the danger of someone  
using this software.
It's like setting up a trap (hope this expression exists) and waiting for  
someone to get caught.

 > The USER knows that he does not want to break the law by using illegally  
shared (pirated) software.

Some laws don't deserve to be accepted.
And piracy is the attacking of ships, nothing else. Sharing of proprietary  
software is a desperate attempt of some persons to fight back a bit of their  
freedom though using proprietary software.
It's better than using proprietary software without sharing, but it's not  

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