[Trisquel-users] Privacy in Trisquel

onpon4 at lavabit.com onpon4 at lavabit.com
Fri Jul 19 15:26:39 CEST 2013

That's not what geolocation is. Geolocation data is an optional feature of  
some image formats (JPEG, in particular; I don't know of any others) which  
tells where a photo was taken.

I'm not familiar with GIMP, but the libraries you're worried about sound to  
me like libraries that GIMP uses to read this geolocation data. This isn't  

You also seem to have a fear of using libraries for little reason than "some  
proprietary software uses it". Using that logic, you would also avoid OpenGL,  
which is often used for proprietary game engines. Heck, you would have to  
avoid just about anything, because C and C++ are popular for proprietary  
programs too, not just free programs. Just because some proprietary software  
uses a library doesn't mean the library is malicious or proprietary. WebKit  
is a standard layout engine for web browsers, with Google Chrome and Safari  
being the most well-known examples of browsers that use it.

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