[Trisquel-users] Harmful effects of non-free JavaScript

Andrew R. andrew.roffey at connect.qut.edu.au
Tue Jul 9 12:11:10 CEST 2013

On 09/07/13 19:38, shiretoko wrote:
> I recognize that using librejs leads to huge restrictions and breaks 
> many websites.
> Can't do my online banking with it, can't use most shops.

You have a few options with regards to banks:

1. You could use phone banking. You might have freedom that way, but
there is potentially less security this way (no end-to-end encryption
between yourself and the bank).

2. You could try and find out if your bank has a mobile interface that
doesn't rely on JavaScript. I found out that this is the case for one of
the banks I use.

3. You could go old fashioned and see if your bank can send your
statements via mail, and use direct deposits or cheques instead of
electronic banking.

4. You could change banks (which could be inconvenient).

5. If none of the other options, you could do your banking in a separate
browser, through a proxy, with a different user agent string to avoid
connecting your other web browsing to your banking and shopping. It is
not an ideal solution as you are still running non-free JavaScript.


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