[Trisquel-users] PRISM break with Trisquel and Free Software

shiretoko at web.de shiretoko at web.de
Mon Jul 8 14:30:41 CEST 2013

In my opinion: yes, debian is the better choice than ubuntu.

Now concerning your question whether you have to learn twice or not:
You won't have to learn much, in best case almost nothing;
any desktop environment you use in debian can be installed in trisquel.  
Nevertheless, the default desktop of trisquel is a costumized gnome 3 classic  
desktop. You will not find exactly this desktop in any other distribution per  
But this is no problem.

If you decide to run debian with gnome shell and you want to continue using  
it with trisquel, you will need a graphic device which supports 3d  
acceleration with free software. Such devices exist, but many graphic cards  
don't offer 3d acceleration.

You can install debian and find out which desktop environment is best for  
you. When you later on install trisquel, you can ask the community and you  
surely will receive help buying the right pc.

Beside of the DE, debian and ubuntu don't have major differences in everyday  

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