[Trisquel-users] Final release unofficially available

Julius22 julius22 at laposte.net
Mon Feb 25 19:05:32 CET 2013

Le Mon, 25 Feb 2013 02:38:10 +0100 (CET),
chris at thinkpenguin.com a écrit :

> I think the last 32-bit CPU was sold in 2006. If you figure most
> people will replace there system within six years that means 32-bit
> systems should be disappearing. That seems to be happening from what
> I'm seeing in the market. Even the older systems now support the
> 64-bit GNU/Linux discs. There are fewer and fewer 32-bit users out
> there. It won't be much longer until there are near zero 32-bit
> systems left. I give it another year or two. By the time Trisquel 8
> comes around 32-bit will be irrelevant. Right now you need 2GB and I
> figure you'll need 4GB by the time 8 comes around. A 32-bit OS simply
> won't handle it and the majority who are on MS Windows users will
> have long since moved on.

I'm using a 2007 laptop with a Dual-Core, what was quite usual by this
time. And, if I'm not making a mistake, it's a 32-bit CPU. So, I still
need a 32-bit version. And I don't want to change this PC.
Also, I'm using LXDE on it. And I don't think LXDE is going to need 8
GB of RAM anytime soon… So, I think I'll still need a 32-bit version by
the time Trisquel 8 comes out.

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