[Trisquel-users] Do you reject software labeled "open source" instead of "free software"

carlostgonzalves at gmail.com carlostgonzalves at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 19:01:08 CET 2013

If someone is making & distributing software under GPL license, I think he  
already knows that by mentioning it as 'open source' or 'free & opensource'  
he is giving 'false' information.

He must be thinking that by mentioning 'open source' he is helping a non-tech  
person understand difference between freeware & 'free software'.

But, actually by merging the meaning of 'open-source' & 'free software', he  
is sowing seeds of confusion in the non-tech users mind.

In order to stick with facts & also help non-tech person understand the  
difference, one can state something like 'Its not just open-source, Its Free  
Software' and give a link to definition of Free Software.

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