[Trisquel-users] lavabit and evolution email

sdilliano at yahoo.co.uk sdilliano at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 14 16:00:13 CET 2013

I've had a horrific few days with getting evolution to work with both yahoo  
and lavabit. The yahoo settings that worked I already wrote down in a  
separate thread, here are the lavabit settings that worked - this is not a  
question but really just a write down for future users. I strongly recommend  
using thunderbird instead of evolution. It is far easier and free software as  

Receiving Email:
Server Type: POP
Server: lavabit.com
Port: 110
Security: TLS encryption
Authentication Type: Password

Sending Email:
Server Type: SMTP
Server: lavabit.com
Port 465
Use secure connection: SSL encryption
Authentication Type: PLAIN

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