[Trisquel-users] Ethical dillema about Trisquel GNU'LINUX. In need of the community response.

gustavo_cm at lavabit.com gustavo_cm at lavabit.com
Sat Feb 9 17:14:54 CET 2013

No links appeared, Chris.

Jodiendo, I would boot the system with a Trisquel LiveCD and test the  
wireless; if it doesn't work, which is most probable, then I would teach my  
(your) friend about what many companies do in order to have control of the  
market: restrict the consumer/user's freedom of movement so he depends only  
on some entity (company) to get support for the product. Sometimes he is even  
forced to buy new "restricted" equipments to use some proprietary/restrictive  
software he got from people/companies who has agreements with the producers  
of such equipment... search for "planned obsolescence".

If my (your) friend really wanted that wi-fi card working, discarding the  
hypothesis of buying friendly hardware which doesn't restrict his decisions,  
then I would show him some GNU/Linux distribution which includes  
proprietary/restrictive software -- after all, it's better to be restricted  
only in what regards to wireless, BIOS and CPU microcode than to be  
restricted in that and in everything else. I would do that keeping very clear  
that, simultaneously, he is acquiring freedom in many ways but not in other  
ways; and, if you do not have freedom in 100% of your machine, then you are  
not free with it: there is no human percentage of freedom, you keep being  
restricted, bounded to third parties' decisions.

Also, let's remember that, if he needs specialized applications like AutoCAD,  
he may not be able to use it in GNU/Linux; perhaps in Wine (  
http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=86 ), but  
this is not guaranteed. Also, I bet there is unfortunately no comparable CAD  
application for GNU/Linux.

If in last instance he can't use GNU/Linux only, you could manage to dual  
boot it with Windows so he could use the one of his preference, or even  
virtualize Windows within Trisquel or other distro, using e.g. VirtualBox,  
available in Trisquel repositories.

If that would not happen, take a look at this list of Free Software programs  
for Windows and, with his consentment, begin replacing the current installed  
stuff for it: https://www.gnu.org/software/for-windows.html (there is many  
compilations of Free Software for Windows; search for "OpenDisc", "Qumble",  

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