[Trisquel-users] [semi-off-topic] Intro book to GNU/Linux & Free Software for non-technical users

chris at thinkpenguin.com chris at thinkpenguin.com
Sat Feb 9 04:07:11 CET 2013

Yea- we don't want to ignore GNU/Linux users of other distributions. It is  
where most of the people here originate. It's not going to help anybody to  
ignore them. I've spoken with and we are working with some of the lead  
developers of other distributions and what is said behind the scenes differs  
a bit about what is said publicly. They don't want to alienate the user base.  
However they would be cooperative with prioritizing free software / standards  
and do (at least some of the lead developers) want to work toward it. If you  
make radical changes (like with what Canonical did by switching to Unity) you  
will alienate the user base. Pushing Unity though wouldn't have hurt the  
distribution's numbers had things been done a little differently.

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