[Trisquel-users] [semi-off-topic] Intro book to GNU/Linux & Free Software for non-technical users

chris at thinkpenguin.com chris at thinkpenguin.com
Thu Feb 7 07:23:27 CET 2013

[off-topic] Intro book to GNU/Linux & Free Software for non-technical users

I thought I would post the first "chapter" to a book I'm going to try and put  
together. With the number of GNU/Linux users growing there has never been a  
better time to release a book geared toward GNU/Linux with a free software  

With that here is a draft of the first chapter:


Note: This is almost entirely taken from other free sources and it is NOT my  
own work. It has been edited a bit to reduce the length, eliminate technical  
jargon, and make it more palatable to non-technical users. Feel free to  
comment on it and make suggestions, revise pieces, etc.

The intent is to hit novice users who are not at all technical. If they have  
the capability to figure out how to boot and install GNU/Linux this is not a  
book for them.

It'll cover and/or is for:

1. Brief intro to the history of GNU/Linux
2. Focus on one distribution and version (long term support only)
3. Desktop topics primarily (the terminal is WAY beyond the scope of this  
user base)
4. Users who are buying GNU/Linux pre-loaded and pay for technical support
5. One desktop user interface and common issues
6. Users who want a real physical printed book

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