[Trisquel-users] About Raling Linux Drivers and Trisquel 5.5

Jason Self jason at bluehome.net
Mon Feb 4 02:47:48 CET 2013

onpon4 at gmail.com wrote ..
> The copyright holder doesn't have to distribute the work under the
terms of  
> the license because he/she/it already has complete permission to
> it in any way he/she/it wants under copyright.
> Actually, I'm not entirely sure, but I think that if software is
> under the GPL without source code ever being provided, it is not
possible for 
> anyone else to redistribute it at all under those terms, because as
> mention, distributing under the terms of the GPL requires either
> the source code or providing it on request. If that's true, releasing  
> something under the GPL, but not ever releasing the source, is no
> from using no license at all in practice. Whether or not this is the
> depends on whether the copyright holder's refusal to provide the
source code  
> so that you can comply with the license prevents them from
successfully suing 
> you.

As you say, there's no harm to the copyright holder but third parties
can't comply with the GPL since they have no source to offer. In these
cases it triggers the GPL's "Liberty Or Death" clause, which
essentially says "Freeze!" and the program becomes undistributable.

Linux-libre neatly steps around this problem by deleting these
problematic areas.

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