[Trisquel-users] What is the Point of Add/remove Applications

onpon4 at gmail.com onpon4 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 23:06:54 CET 2013

Oh, that one... I'm very familiar with that, because that's what Fedora uses  
(or at least used to use) by default.

"gnome-packagekit" is actually the package you want to install to use it (and  
it's called "Add/Remove Software" in the menus; you need to unhide it), and  
to be brutally honest, I hate that GUI for two simple reasons: less  
importantly, no icons, and more importantly, it doesn't show the actual name  
of anything, just the short description. That second, glaring flaw in  
particular makes searching for packages with it a pain in the ass. At the  
same time, no icons means that it's not very good for just looking through  
when you're bored one day to find something new to try. On Fedora, it was the  
program which, when I made the mistake of absent-mindedly using it, my dad  
would always remind me to ditch because the Yum Extender was far superior (to  
which my response would be facepalming at my wasted time with packagekit,  
then immediately installing YumEx and using it).

Use it if you like, I won't judge you... but personally, I much prefer...  
well, anything else.

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