[Trisquel-users] How can I disable the 'Recent Documents' menu?

cya at riseup.net cya at riseup.net
Mon Dec 30 15:47:25 CET 2013

Those using Gnome and/or any of the Ubuntu-based distros should learn about  
zeitgeist, apport, scopes, lens, geoglue, whoopsie, and the uses of Gnome  
Activity Journal. Surely, Trisquel has removed these? :-)

As Spinoza said, installing the missing “Privacy” app is a good first  

What is Whoopsie?

Purpose of Zeitgeist and Gnome Activity Journal:

Apport and crash report info sent to Canonical:

** Canonical may change this legal notice from time to time, and at  
Canonical's sole discretion. Please check this page from time to time for any  
changes to this legal notice as we will not be able to notify you directly.  

Your computer and all the data belongs to you, so stay safe and share  
whatever info you choose to share. BTW, do you use social networks?

Do good things!

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