[Trisquel-users] Re : Buying a Trisquel laptop in France

magicbanana at gmail.com magicbanana at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 14:33:14 CET 2013

You can buy a cheap laptop with an Intel integrated chipset and without  
Windows (for instance at LDLC) + a Wifi adapter at  
http://libre.thinkpenguin.com (25% of the benefits on your purchase go to the  
Trisquel project).

For example :
+ https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/penguin-wireless-g-usb-adapter

As it has already been said, you had better take an Intel processor but  
without the TXT or vPro "technologies".

As for the Wifi adapter, you can opt for an internal card such as  
However the USB adapter is particularly useful if you want to carry with you  
a Trisquel Live system and get a Wifi connection on the computer you plug it  
into. Also, it is kind almost guaranteed that the USB adapter will be usable  
with your computer you will buy after this one. Probably the one after that  

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