[Trisquel-users] My conceptual problem with my computer.

cyberhawk at openmailbox.org cyberhawk at openmailbox.org
Tue Dec 24 21:15:09 CET 2013

roboq6, are you making jokes here ;)
Operating systems are among the most complicated things in the world of  
programming. They are not some high-level application, but include relatively  
high-level applications as well as very low-level applications as a kernel  
and various drivers. The current Linux (I'm talking about the kernel of  
GNU/Linux) has somewhere around 70-80MB. This is unformatted text. Try typing  
a big amount of text into a simple editor like gedit, save it, look at the  
size. Imagine how much text it will take to reach 70 MB. To be fair, a big  
part of it are device drivers, but still.

Highly skilled professionals can understand how an operating system works, in  
all details. Normal users, power users, newbie programmers like myself,  
cannot. I'm not talking about some basic concepts, I talk about full and  
complete understanding of all possible layers here, all the way from the  
basic environment down to wher BIOS starts.

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