[Trisquel-users] Converting to OGG

Ivaylo Valkov ivaylo at e-valkov.org
Tue Dec 24 14:53:20 CET 2013

В 13:16 +0100 на 24.12.2013 (вт), franparpe at openmailbox.org написа:

> I'm looking for a way to do it from command line but I have to teach another  
> person how to do it and he/she is not familiar with those kind of  
> enviroments.

Choose one of the Ogg command tools (dir2ogg, oggenc directly, etc.).
Make a small bash script around it that accepts a file or a directory as
an argument and makes the conversion. Provide the script to the person
who needs it. Even cooler is to use zenity to provide GUI input/output
and execute the script from GUI directly. I've used zenity exactly for
that - automate a task with a shell script and make it usable for people
using GUI.
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