[Trisquel-users] Proprietary software as result of psychological problems

aaz893 at mail.ru aaz893 at mail.ru
Mon Dec 23 16:47:53 CET 2013

 >There are a lot of examples of absolute unethical actions. Human slavery
is one of them

Did you mean "absolute unethical action ONLY in my book"?

 >I don't care what you do in your personal life, nor should you about
what I do in mine.

That's depends who are you and who is me.  Because your behavior in your  
private life may somehow affect me/my family/my country.

 >This will not justify cannibalism, which is an unethical practice by all

I can understand your position, but cannibalism doesn't necessarily require  
murder. If the person already dead and it is not my fault, then my conscience  
will be absolute clear. On other hand, if somebody have to kill an other  
human, because s/he hasn't got better options, then this behaviour can be  
considered as ethical from my viewpoint. Thus, you was wrong about "all  

 >No individual can, but a law can.

Ruling class use laws to dictate it's will. Nowadays epoch of capitalism,  
thus the ruling class is capitalists. Proprietary software is very profitable  
business. Thus, it might be banned only in case of serious crisis caused by  
proprietary software industry.

 >I raise a sheep and sacrifice it and eat it. It doesn't affect you.

It hurts my feelings.

 >I write a piece of software for myself and I use it all my life without
releasing it. It doesn't affect you.

I may need that piece of software, thus your "greedy" can affect me.

 >I am unethical and you can clearly see that, because I
don't allow you to install it on multiple machines and to modify it to
better serve your needs. My personal decision is affecting you, me being
an unethical software developer hurts you as a my software user.

It is how capitalism works. Everybody must thinks only about own profit.  
Thus, in your terms capitalism is "anti-social".

 >Practical reasons (even if they are true) are not enough for a human
being to not do something

On other hand, more rational businessmen have huge advantage. Therefore, if  
you would convince them to use FLOSS only, then it will be the greatest  
success of FLOSS.

 > You are using this forum to
attack the reason while Trisquel is developed, to challenge the free
software philosophy and to turn our users' interest away from the free
software movement to the "open source" camp.

Why do you treat "open source" movement like foes?
It reminds me of distinction in vegetarian camp. "Meat is unhealthy!" VS  
"Meat is unethical!". Let's pretend that you think "Meat is unethical and  
healthy" and I think "Meat is ethical and unhealthy". We have opposite  
opinions about meat, but the result is same! It is like 2+5=6+1=7. We have  
different input and equal output. Hence, we should help each other. The same  
goes for "open source" movement.

 >That might not be true and not even generally true, and you have no way
of proving such a statement.

I'm sorry, but I can't understand your logic!

 > they distribute proprietary
software along with free software.

It is because pure FLOSS doesn't profitable enough, that is all.

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