[Trisquel-users] Forum moderation

shiretoko at web.de shiretoko at web.de
Sat Dec 21 22:59:56 CET 2013

It's not that I'm planning to leave, maybe I expressed it wrong!
There are some intelligent people in here and though there are problems I  
like (some of) the discussions and I hope things will somehow develop in the  
right direction (away from cencorship and "evangelism").

But I imagine how a friend of mine (he just started with free software and  
gnu systems) would come here and start a thread like "Hey everyone, I like  
opensource and I even bought a raspberry pi to have a free dropbox  
alternative I can control myself; my father is a software developer and I  
often argue with him"
and then he would get answers like: "don't use this term, don't use that  
term; you bought the wrong device. Tell your immoral father to quit his job;"  
this really frightens me. So I don't think I can recommend the trisquel  
community anymore to him.
But it's true that there is no reason to mix up the distro and the community.

And if you're telling me that I'm overreacting maybe I should think about it  

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