[Trisquel-users] Forum moderation

shiretoko at web.de shiretoko at web.de
Sat Dec 21 14:51:06 CET 2013

I checked the community guidlines and was not able to find any part which  
forbids to speak against opinions of the fsf.

"The Trisquel project is part of the Free Software Movement. We support the  
movement's philosophy. "

Actually, people who call for banning people are much more violating the  
"movements philosophy".

Because of this thread, I won't endorse trisquel any longer; instead, I will  
warn people of the big problems the community has.
No one should join a forum in which people think that
"there is no place for the expression of these viewpoints on our forums.

These people need to go. " -"akirashinigami".

I am a strong supporter of free software and the ethics behind it;  
nevertheless I reached this conclusion.
Maybe this gets some members to think of the problems penetrating the  
community. If someone with my background steps away from trisquel this means  
that trisquel frightens people who already value freedom, hence I think it's  
very unlikely that trisquel has to power to activily gain many new members  
for the movement.
I don't think there will be success for the project if you go on like this.
Just my opinion.

By the way: for a freedom-loving project the hirarchy of trisquel is very  
badly chosen. I don't think an unreachable dictator who never participates in  
the discussions of the community and makes every dicision by himself is a bad  
concept. But it fits to the new developments of this thread.  

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