[Trisquel-users] Forum moderation

gnuser at lavabit.com gnuser at lavabit.com
Thu Dec 19 00:31:33 CET 2013

You talk as if you truly want to do the right thing, so let me explain to you  
how you can do so. Don't. Just don't do it. It's very pretty to come here and  
say "I want to do what is the best for the community and I want a democratic  
process", but in the end, once you have the power to ban people and delete  
threads, you will end up abusing it. That's always what happens, we seek  
power to do the right thing and when we have it it corrupts us. Just look at  
the NSA. They wanted to protect us from terrorism. They ended up spying on  
all of us, in secret, and even using those means to spy persons who were  
close to them. Just because they could. So... I was able to put aside the  
fact that I had been censored once and keep being a part of this community.  
But if you start doing that bullshit, I won't be here anymore. Probably some  
people here will be happy to see me leave.
You say that there are people encouraging the use of proprietary software.  
Mind providing links of recent threads that had the purpose of suggesting and  
encouraging proprietary software? Because the only thing I see is people  
debating what is free software and what is not, what we should use and not,  

By the way being "FSF endorsed" doesn't make it special. So stop trolling  
about it. You are not the first who come up with that.

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