[Trisquel-users] One thing that bothers me about Richard Stallman

superbyelich at yahoo.com superbyelich at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 11 19:05:41 CET 2013

"Freedom" imposed on others is not freedom.  Freedom is only freedom if you  
have a choice in the matter.  Freedom to succeed, freedom to fail.  So  
Communism, and Socialism do not lead to freedom, they only lead to  
oppression, history has proven this time and time again.  We are seeing this  
in the United States.  Everyone says that the U.S. is a Capitalist nation,  
but it isn't.  I will agree with Stallman it is a Plutocracy.  I disagree  
with him on the idea that Communistic/Socialistic government oversight fixes  
this.  I say Communistic/Socialist because he holds himself as Progressive,  
and that is just a friendly way of saying the former.  He calls the U.S. a  
democracy, it was never that.  It was founded as a Constitutional Republic.   
Pure Capitalism is dead in the U.S. we have Crony Capitalism now led by  
greed, corruption, and want of power.  Government in bed with Business.  This  
is NOT what was intended by our framers.

So my problem is that he says all the right things about freedom as far as  
software is concerned, but why not politically?  Again, that is a question  
for him, and not for here.

I believe that someone who makes code should be allowed to do with it as they  

I also believe that people need to be informed that using programs that the  
code is not available, that is kept in secret takes away THEIR freedom.   
Because people are corrupt and greedy, and by not seeing that code, you don't  
know what is in the program you are using.  For that I believe free software  
is essential.  That is why I use it, tell people about it, and in the future  
tend on supporting it.

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