[Trisquel-users] Simple guide to make happy a GNU user

shiretoko at web.de shiretoko at web.de
Sun Dec 8 00:59:39 CET 2013

Yes, I'm currently using Debian wheezy on my main laptop. Trisquel is on my  
old desktop pc.
Hmm it's hard to explain why I prefer debian on my laptop. Maybe for the same  
reasons like you!
I just have a better feeling in terms of security. Debian is so damn  
reliable. It's stable like a rock and feels somehow better to use (maybe it's  
only my imagination)
And then.. the freedom to have control over my pc is extremly important to  
me, but it's not the most important thing on earth. Maybe I will have to make  
compromises in the future for some good reasons, and with debian, this is  
possible without changing the whole os.

Well, then keep up the fight ;)
I'll support you if I have some free time (i'm pretty busy at the moment).

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