[Trisquel-users] Youtube won't load in Trisquel

fernando.negro at inbox.ru fernando.negro at inbox.ru
Tue Dec 3 02:32:58 CET 2013

 From my experience...

First of all,

The best thing to do, is to uninstall the gnash plug-in (that, most of the  
times, is too slow, or doesn't seem to work(?))...

And, then... For most YouTube videos, you can either:

- wait for the new HTML5 alternative to be loaded, automatically, once a  
flash player is not detected
- or (if you want good quality on your videos), install the VLC player  
plug-in for Abrowser, the "greasemonkey" extension for Abrowser, and the  
"Linterna Mágica" script for "greasemonkey", and wait for all of them to be  
loaded automatically, once you access a video's page on YouTube

(If the VLC plug-in doesn't load the first time, try refreshing the page in  

The Linterna Mágica script, using the VLC plug-in, will also work with most  
other video sharing web sites. And, it plays videos even better than the  
proprietary flash plug-in.

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