[Trisquel-users] LibreJS

tegskywalker at hotmail.com tegskywalker at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 29 18:49:45 CET 2012

Here is my big problem with this extension and this mentality in general:

Viewing Source: Every web browser out there now has a view source option that  
is easy to access and lets the user view the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of any  
site they visit. Anyone can steal the code from any site and use it in theirs  
as long as they know how to read it. Of course languages like PHP only show  
the output, but the issue here is JavaScript. If the FSF gets away with this,  
what is next? I have to give the source code to the PHP scripts that I  

I minify for the speed: It seems a big issue is that if I take my code and  
minify it for size to serve from my webserver, then I am doing something  
wrong in the eyes of the FSF. So they expect my code to include all of the  
whitespace and personal comments when I use it on a live web server? You have  
got to be kidding me.

Copycats: The web is full of copycats. If someone sees a unique website, then  
there are a handful of "companies" that will have their own variant. The web  
stinks of a "me too" mentality where the owners of these companies see a site  
like Twiter and then have to flood the market with 20 of them. The original  
ideas seem to be the ones that people notice and don't think for a second  
that competitors of major sites like Facebook and Twitter would LOVE to be  
able to get their source code to steal and claim as their own.

Web as a service: When you use a site like Gmail, you are using it because it  
offers a better alternative to Hotmail or a desktop email program. You didn't  
put the work into the site and the reason you use it is so you can go through  
your day without having to worry about everything you use. If you have an  
issue with it, then do not use it. Google offers it as a free service to you  
and part of it being free is that you agree to their terms.

If I am programming for a client: If I do a project for a client that wanted  
me to create something for them and paid me, should I willy nilly give away  
their source code for everyone (including competitors) to see and steal? Heck  
no. I would lose the client and potentially get sued by the company as I have  
entered a contract with them. Of course if someone has this LibreJS extension  
installed, then the site appears "broken" to them and then my ass gets chewed  

The reality is that there is a time and a place for proprietary software. I  
have tried out this extension and it has pretty much broken the majority of  
websites I go to. When I go to ESPN, I know that I do not own the rights to  
the media I watch. I just read the news, watch the videos, and move on with  
my life.

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