[Trisquel-users] Problem When Connecting to WireLess!

mitja at reggaetrain.com mitja at reggaetrain.com
Mon Jan 16 20:01:06 CET 2012

Well hm the problem is this. I have an "old" computer in my room and this  
comp is only for playing around (backtrack,...)trying new GNU/linux distros  
and my dad isnt going to buy me an new wifi card cuz im going to high school  
in an few months from now so im going to need an laptop and im buying  one  
from thinpenguin or from  

i didnt choose yet but  i like  in thinkpenguin that you have an penguin key  
on it(instead of the windows key)  and they look much more "sexy" than from  
ubuntu laptops.

P.S: do you know wich GNU/linux is Stallman running and wich   computer does  
he have?

I think that my old computer will stick to KDE for the new one i will se im  
going to think if im going to choose ubuntu or Trisquel

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