[Trisquel-users] p2p

adrian.malacoda at member.fsf.org adrian.malacoda at member.fsf.org
Thu Jan 12 03:24:25 CET 2012

To me, it's not so much whether a user has broadband or not, but rather the  
idea that the user should give consent for their computer to be used in a  
manner like this. I'm all for the idea of apt-p2p and I may even try it out  
on my machines, but it seems a bit underhanded to me to require users to  
opt-out of being used as a peer.

Consider that a new user installing a fresh instance of Trisquel won't even  
know this is operating right under her nose, yet is it using her network  
resources, CPU and RAM. It would leave fewer resources for the processes she  
knowingly wishes to use, and if she is billed per-megabyte of internet usage,  
causes her to pay extra for something she doesn't willingly enable or even  
know anything about.

Sure, make it an option, encourage users to opt into it, just like users are  
encouraged to seed the ISO torrent. I believe it's counter to one of the  
principles of free software, namely that we as computer owners are sovereign  
over our hardware, to turn this on by default, even if for a noble cause.

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