[Trisquel-users] Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites

mornealberts at gmail.com mornealberts at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 20:34:08 CET 2012

There are other things you could do with your site first, though, like custom  
page titles and SEO optimised URLs. Both are easily done in Drupal.

I can't imagine that having those buttons there alone will have an effect. So  
for you to get the desired effect people will have to click them. The usual  
areas where those widgets are used tend to be the top and bottom of the  
content area. If you move them to the top of the page - not sure if that's  
what you meant - and you make them inconspicuous then people might miss(not  
click) them and they won't be all that useful.

A problem with those widgets, as I'm sure you are aware, is that they (can)  
track you even if you don't use them and even if you don't use Facebook at  
all. Even if someone is not concerned about that, ALL users to the site will  
be subjected to that unless they use an add-on that blocks/kills those  
widgets - again, defeating the purpose.

On the other hand, you could try what the FSF does where it sends their own  
URLs to the specific social site's URL that captures sharing. However, that's  
a long-winded approach for users who are used to the direct click on the  

I understand the need to get better/more traffic to your site and I support  
your desire to do so, but I get the feeling that it might be seen as "selling  
out" slightly. People who tend towards 100% Freedom most likely will object  
to using such elements on the website.

If Facebook traffic, for example, is that important to Google, then perhaps  
you should open a Facebook page and do some marketing there and let people  
like/share whatever you do on there? Then only have a link on the site to  
your Facebook page where you post your products and let people like it there.  
I don't know if that's the easiest or most effective approach, though.

Unfortunately this is a difficult issue. Do you have an SEO person on your  
team/available? They should be able to analyse the searches that end up at  
your site and help you make adjustments to your content. Also, if you can get  
people linking to you that would boost your presence too.

What you could do is add a "How did you hear about us" field somewhere on  
your site. Registration will be the easiest unless you add custom panes to  
the Ubercart checkout but that's a lot more work. That should aid you in  
analysing your demographic. Like to see if most of your customers come from,  
for example, Free-related sites (like the distros or FSF or whatever),  
word-of-mouth, search rankings, etc.

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