[Trisquel-users] Trisquel in YouTube

chris at thinkpenguin.com chris at thinkpenguin.com
Sat Jan 7 05:03:39 CET 2012

I think the idea is good. Keeping a project running like this is a challenge  
though. I worked on one which broadcast on a cable station throughout part of  
New Jersey (USA) many years ago.

One thing I would suggest is avoid the tech as much as you can. Cover cool  
stuff you can do with free software. New tech especially. That can be a bit  
challenging. Etc. Review hardware. Show people it is *easier* than using a  
proprietary operating system. Do it by example. Show them the easy way around  
a problem (for instance if you do a show installing Trisquel over Microsoft  
Windows). Don't do it by showing them the terminal and figuring out how to  
get drivers working. Do it by leading. Tell them "This didn't work, so I  
bought x from place Y. Then stick it in and select Y". Notice how that  
sticking it in and just working is *key*. Microsoft and Mac users would have  
to manually install a driver and figure out a proprietary interface. Possibly  
spending hours (printers, wifi cards, etc). Obviously you aren't going to be  
showing them how to get NDISWrapper working anyway... but. This applies in  
other areas. The point is to focus on a wider audience than just technical  

Right now I'm trying to get HD content working. Maybe you can focus on  
getting something working and work like that and then with a technical user  
have them package up a script of whatever it was you did. Then show people  
how to get HD content (in my example) working. And you can show off one of  
the cool entertainment projects.

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