[Trisquel-users] NVidia 9800GT + Noveau = 3D out of the box ?

holger.beetz at gmail.com holger.beetz at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 23:05:40 CET 2012

1st, thanks for taking the time to answer !

 >Given the age of your card, it is unlikely
 >that the newest Mesa is required.
Well with all respect, given the fact that it is listed in the nouveau wiki  
itself I think it is very likely that I need Mesa 7.11 and nothing else to  
run the Gallium3D version for my card. Gallium3D has provided the most steady  
stream of updates to 3D features. At least from what I have seen in  
benchmarks over at Phoronix the last year.

I tried to install mesa-dri-experimental from the Live CD and it somewhat  
worked. 3D is working with some quirks (strange slow-downs, some corruptions,  

No matter how "experimental" one considers mesa-dri right now. A few month  
ago with Mesa 7.10 I barely got a running 3D accelerated LXDE (Knoppix) and  
it fully crashed even with OpenArena after 2 minutes of gaming. With Mesa  
7.11 I could play Darkplaces (strongly-enhanced Quake engine) at very  
playable framerates (> 60 FPS). The only issues I was aware off was some  
clipping at the edge of the level. I wouldn't be surprised if I can run even  
Alien Arena on this driver.

The mesa version provided from scratch with Trisquel without installation  
worked better than the 7.10 I tested with Knoppix but not as well as the 7.11  
I tested with the latest XFCE Aptosid in Live mode. Also 7.11 Gallium behaved  
much more stable than the 7.10 experimental DRI lib.

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