[Trisquel-users] Plymouth corruption

tor at kinlok.nu tor at kinlok.nu
Thu Jan 5 02:46:41 CET 2012

In going from 32-bit to 64-bit Trisquel, I reformatted the drive, so it was  
basically a new install.  Testing: I left the FRAMEBUFFER line as-is, and  
and without the vt.handoff=7 parameter.

The behavior is as you describe.  With vt.handoff=7, I'm seeing the combined  
corrupted image for at least a good 7-10 seconds.  Without it, I'm only  
seeing the single corrupted image for an aprox. one-second flash when the  
grub screen clears.  I also tried the Ctrl-Alt-F6 and F7 test while  
vt.handoff=7 was back in, and that worked as described too.

It appears that either the workaround of removing vt.handoff=7 doesn't work  
under 32-bit, or I did it incorrectly.  Since it worked for you under both  
versions, I'm assuming the latter.  Either way, it's working for me now.

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