[Trisquel-users] Tweak-tool

tegskywalker at hotmail.com tegskywalker at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 5 02:35:03 CET 2012

I have never installed software though Ubuntu Tweak because I usually get the  
majority though the repositories or external PPA I add manually. I do use it  
to purge PPAs though and it is great for that.

I also do not know how this "taints" the system if the program is GPL and  
installation of non-free software is by choice. It does not automatically  
install non-free software and I honestly think you are taking this too  

If you want a great program to easily manage stuff in Ubuntu, then use it. If  
you want to self mutilate and edit .conf files and/or stick to the command  
line for everything, then more power to you. Because the state of Linux  
documentation pretty much forces people to rely on messageboards for help, I  
welcome Ubuntu Tweak with open arms.

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