[Trisquel-users] As much as it hurts to say it...

m.sander at tsg-bochum.de m.sander at tsg-bochum.de
Thu May 26 00:29:11 CEST 2011

But that issue is regarding to the old version of midori a newer version  
would probably get better support for email links. It's not trisquels fault.  
Cause the upstream has to get the software right.

The Youtube issue could be solved if we would include the Linterna Magica  
userscript into the Trisquel Mini image. That would be great for this edition  
it removes the Flashplayer thingy and starts the totem video player backend.  
Just take a look at http://e-valkov.org/linterna-magica/ .

I'm using that plugin all the way in my midroi setups at work and home :-). I  
like the browser but i guess the next release of midori would be even better  
cause it's still in development.

AndrewT i've to test the mini iso and would recomend some software which  
could be used on that medium. ;)

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