[Trisquel-users] A Plea for Help

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu May 19 15:54:29 CEST 2011

> Regarding the help for Trisquel, wouldn't it make better sense if all
> the FSF-approved and sponsored operating system developers joined
> together to combine their effort?

I see some advantages for having multiple free distros:

- it's easier to support different hardware basing on different upstream
  distros (gNewSense supports mipsel like Debian (but free and with
  kernel only for YeeLoong), since Ubuntu doesn't it would be difficult
  for Trisquel)

- I like using newer software and reliably updating it when I want, not
  when the upstream distro decides to make a release once per a long
  time, some people have opposite opinion on this, no distro would
  replace systems used by people with both points of view

- it can be more difficult for new contributors to make deep changes to
  a distro based on a distro based on another distro, although for most
  uses this approach has very good results

- potential new users usually already know a nonfree distro

Most freedom-related problems are found once and reported to other free
distros via a common mailing list and listed at [0].  The list looks
relatively Debian-specific, not listing packages from Debian's nonfree
repository (so e.g. nonfree modules in the Python package of other
upstream distros are not listed), but this is being improved.

Fixing these problems usually needs some changes in code/finding
replacements which aren't distro-specific and small packaging changes.

Do you know other issues where some combining of efforts would be needed?

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