[Trisquel-users] Installing Trisquel 4.5

lcerf at gmail.com lcerf at gmail.com
Thu May 19 05:48:12 CEST 2011

Bad news: "Non-free firmware is required" ( http://wiki.debian.org/iwlagn ).  
Indeed, you can read the license Intel distributes it (  
). That is not free software.

It means this device will not work with Linux-libre (therefore with any 100%  
Libre OS such as Trisquel) until this firmware is liberated (or a replacement  
is written).

You can:
1) Use a cable (i.e., the Ethernet iterface);
2) Buy a Wifi dongle after checking its compatibility with Linux-libre on  
h-node ( http://www.h-node.com/wifi/catalogue/en ) or testing it (maybe other  
users may indicate models too);
3) Add the faulty Wifi device on h-node;
4) Write to Intel and convince them to liberate their firmware;
5) Eat a banana and relax.

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