[Trisquel-users] 3D and Free Software on Trisquel?

f13ticket at gmail.com f13ticket at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 05:21:32 CEST 2010

I guess my question is whether this is more because video card manufacturers  
don't care about Free Software and thus regard DRM above freedom, or is it  
more because there is not a strong Free Software gaming community to demand  

What is a practical way to get ATI or NVidia to care about Freedom is less  
than a year or so?  Or is this something that will take decades?  Is there a  
practical way to get a high end 3D Free Software driver?  Or are we pretty  
much screwed until enough people care to protest?  And what are the chances  
of that?

Again, this is sad and in many ways disappoints me.  Not only are 3D Free  
Software games destroyed, so are many "2D" games because they use "3D"  
features in their games.  Take Hedgewars.  While it is a 2D game, it plays  
like crap on my Radeon card because it uses some levels of "3D" to render.   
Even in reduced quality the game runs like a snail on a dual core 64 bit  
computer with 3 gigs.  It should be running lightening fast without a hiccup,  
and would be with Windows.  But, my $500.00 laptop grinds to an embracing  
halt to try to play a 2D game and it seems few people care.  Hedgewars isn't  
going to go out of their way to avoud the "3D" things used in it.  It makes  
it look cool and most people don't care about freedom and will be playing it  
on Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu with non-free drivers anyway.  Why would Hedgewars  
go out of their way to change the fundamentals of their game to work on a  
small percent of a small percent of computer users?  And, sense most of the  
Free Software community are more interested in, "practical," computing, they  
don't see this as a true need.  Thus, again, Windows is almost a requirement,  
or at the very least non-free drivers are almost a requirement, for anyone  
why is a Free Software activists but is also a video gamer.  There is almost  
no way to play Free Software 3D games without a non-free driver or system.   
Is there such a think as an Intel Netbook or Laptop that doesn't use some  
other companies video device?

Oh, and have fun trying to play Nexuiz or Tremulous on Trisquel without  
Intel.  The entire computer feels like it's passing molasses through a straw.  
  I have to play move and wait with the mouse just to get to the button to get  
out.  My $500.00 becomes a brick.  And I am still supposed to not use a  
non-free driver or dual boot to Windows to fix this?  Or, is my option to buy  
another computer?  If so, what kind of Netbook or Laptop out there fixes  
this?  As far as I know, there may be none.

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