[Trisquel-users] 3D and Free Software on Trisquel?

bfxms at bellsouth.net bfxms at bellsouth.net
Sun Mar 28 23:37:16 CEST 2010

I think we are on the same page with this.  My computer use doesn't depend  
upon 3D so at the personal level this is a non-issue.  I would however, like  
to see a solution to the 3D problem for those that need the enhancements  
offered by 3D.  As for Ubuntu, I only booted the alpha 3 version.  I may burn  
a CD of the beta to see if anything changes (or breaks).  I also didn't  
mention that my nVidia GeForce 6100 is onboard... I don't know if that makes  
a difference.

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