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While these individual soldier aphids contribute to the common good, the nest  
is also colonized by as many as 25% aphids from other colonies. These  
invaders do not contribute to the running of the colony but do cism exam  
questions  continue to reproduce at the same rate as productive nest members.  
The researchers looked at whether the altruism of the soldier aphids put them  
in danger of losing out to the freeloader invaders, as the invaders increased  
in number and spread throughout the colony. But one interesting thing they  
found was that selfless behavior increased when other individuals around them  
were more likely to also cissp training engage in selfless or helping  
behavior. This similar behavior is described as the “relatedness” of  
individuals. Increasing the number of unhelpful invaders decreased social  
cooperation but not enough to lead to a colony collapse. Additionally, the  
researchers were able to reduce the complex social behavior of the group,  
including migrations between nests, to a mathematical model that predicted  
the levels of social behavior. The HP0-S21 researchers believe the model can  
be adapted, with modifications, to predict social behavior in other species.

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