[Trisquel-users] Trisquel 3.5 Awen release announcement

flop333 at yahoo.es flop333 at yahoo.es
Wed Mar 24 05:26:41 CET 2010

This is good news, I look forward for updating. Just pointing to a problem in  
3.5-RC which I do not know if may also be present in the final release: the  
(meta?)package "kubuntu-desktop" in the repos seems to cause problems after  
installation. Apparently it affects somehow Gnome:

- Memory usage raises quite a lot (more than 400 MB with no application  
- the mouse icon(?) (puntero) changes to that of KDE.
- it installs "kubuntu" splash, which is shown all the way until login  

The above mentioned issues reproduce after repeated rebooting.

Within KDE:

- it offers the installation of Firefox (on a popup window)
- shows an advert about the new Kubuntu release (10.x) (on a popup window as  

After removing by hand all KDE related packages, everything seems to have  
come back to normal.

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