[Trisquel-users] suggestions for trisquel mini

Brian Churchwell bchurchwell at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 19:12:11 CET 2010

2010/3/3 Rubén Rodríguez Pérez <ruben at trisquel.info>:

> You are all invited to start expanding this page with pros and cons for
> every entry. You should always take in consideration this ideas:
> - Only programs already in the repository are usable. We will not
> import new software for this kind of job.
> - The most used program is most likely the better choice
> - Translations are very important
> - We will only include GTK+ apps
> - Low memory usage is more important than file size
> - We would like to keep the image below the 400MB mark, to allow it to
> be used in 512mb usb thumb drives with some space for persistence data.
> - Usability is a strong requirement. All programs must be easy to use.
> - A known old program is often better than a cool new one.
> - The bleeding edge is not important, we aim to small computers.

I couldn't agree more with this philosophy, and I really appreciate
this concise explanation.

If there is a similar philosophy statement for Trisquel in general
please point me and others to it.  It will answer a lot of questions
posted to the list.

My suggestion is to get the netinst image working so that any user can
then make a fully free system however they want- server, mini,
desktop, etc.  It might be better to spend time making it easier for
people to make Trisquel into whatever they want rather than going back
and forth on defaults for different versions.


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