[Trisquel-users] Cont.: suggestions for

Roeplay at lavabit.com Roeplay at lavabit.com
Mon Mar 1 18:22:35 CET 2010

Please break statements up into paragraphs. It makes comments easier to read.  

"I would assume that the intended result is something along the lines of

The developers have almost nothing definitive, actually. There's always a lot  
of consensus to be reached for lightweight distributions.

"I wondered why Audacious didn't come up - is it too heavy on the deps?"

It's a heavy-ish program in general. And it had problems working even in the  
main version of Trisquel, which is why it was pulled for 3.5.

"Using something like Leafpad is wrong, IMO - an
editor without syntax highlighting is, at best, a notepad."

That's correct, but it's not necessarily problematic. The number of serious  
coders that use even gedit instead of a full-blown application like ViM or  
eMacs to do their work must not be very large.

"Now - is this intended mostly to be used as a live system or an
installed one? Personally, I think that email clients are pointless on
live systems, but if it should be included, I would say Claws is good -
if it is themed, it can look nice."

I've always used webmail myself, but some users prefer a dedicated  
application. Even Damn Small Linux (sic) has one, Sylpheed.

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