[Trisquel-users] Cont.: suggestions for trisquel mini

Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér mjjzf at writtenandread.net
Mon Mar 1 16:33:59 CET 2010

Sorry to not respond directly to the running topic, but I only just
signed up. I have been looking through the lists.
I am quite interested in the idea of a lightweight Trisquel - the
existing one never quite caught on with me, but this looks more like my
I would assume that the intended result is something along the lines of
I personally like that Fluxbox has very easily readable config files,
so that would be my recommendation for that reason. I would go on to
suggest Vattery as the battery monitor, but I don't know if that is
available from the packages.
For an editor, I would suggest Medit, which has a strong syntax
coloring and other nice features like a pop-up terminal and a file
browser on the side. Using something like Leafpad is wrong, IMO - an
editor without syntax highlighting is, at best, a notepad. For a
terminal, I usually use Xterm, because it is extremely snappy, but I
also like Sakura - because it is useful for copying and pasting. It is
very much like Xfce's Terminal, but not depending on heavy libraries.
For now, it looks like the suggestions have been leaning towards GTK2
applications. So maybe including something like gtk-chtheme for
administering the GTK2 theme would be handy. I am personally partial to
Gajim because I only use Jabber for IM, but it might of course be
practical to include a client which could do more protocols. IRC could
be serviced with a link to a terminal and Irssi or Weechat.
Now - is this intended mostly to be used as a live system or an
installed one? Personally, I think that email clients are pointless on
live systems, but if it should be included, I would say Claws is good -
if it is themed, it can look nice.
I wondered why Audacious didn't come up - is it too heavy on the deps?
If Abiword is packages with the plugins, it should be able to handle
most files.


Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér
http://writtenandread.net * mjjzf at writtenandread.net

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