[Trisquel-users] Trisquel 3.5 beta

Rubén Rodríguez Pérez ruben at trisquel.info
Tue Feb 23 18:53:14 CET 2010

> > Even less people uses the GNOME default two panel -same height-
> > combination because is intuitive. They do because it is the default
> > and somewhat cool because it looks weird.
> >
> > It is important to listen to what someone thinks. It is good to
> > apreciate
> other people's opinions. If you think this is an error you still have
> the priviliedge to distribute it as you like. I f you are interested
> in really doing what people ask, you cannot asume a position. You can
> find out people's opinion with a poll.

I think 8 pixels are not important enough to start a poll. Also,
changing the panel look and feel is a matter of a few clicks.
There is no way we can have a preset that works for everybody, so we
will just keep a sense of continuity.

> > > I was going to say: 'Because the lack of nonfree blobs and any
> > > proprietary firmware means less hardware compatibility', but I
> > > think there's actually a much better practical reason to include
> > > the terminal icon on the panel.
> >
> > Luky you didn't say it, because I would have said that nonfree
> > stuff is a lot more prone to failure as we cannot fix the bugs in a
> > program we cannot modify. And if a piece of hardware has no free
> > driver, the only thing you can do with the console is start typing
> > a new driver.
> >
> >
> I don't think this was his point.

Maybe, but mine is that, if anything, a fully free distro is more
stable than one including obscured bunchs of bits you can't control.

> > ...GNU/Linux is a hard and scary OS for geeks.
> It is for most people I have met.

Then we need to change that! Giving the terminal the same importance as
the web browser is not the way to achieve it.

> > Whoever doesn't know what the terminal is shouldn't be tinkering
> > with it using tutorials that say "sudo something_important
> > --with-a-hammer"
> This is out of context. I think people should learn what they wish
> and it is our duty to make it the easiest we can and not force them
> to learn the hard way for the sake of it.

Sure they should. But what I meant is that those users that barely know
what the terminal is should not have it in the panel just to make
easier for others to get them to run commands they do not understand.

And also, I don't thing browsing a menu is a hard way in any case.

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