[Trisquel-translators] screenshots deletion when translating

Tio pinmaritim at riseup.net
Sat May 14 07:08:31 CEST 2016

Tio <pinmaritim at riseup.net>aka Mangy Dog

hello Translators ;-)

I have translated to French and is ready to be added to the French wiki

This wiki page contains many screenshots,having re-taken screenshots of the entire process
in French.To translate & add this new wiki page i will be deleting the original ones

Before doing this however i'd like to be sure this does not delete the screenshots
on the original page & on the server.

Leaving the pictures,removing the link in
& adding below
would be a long task,considering that 33 screenshots have to be added
making around 66 in all.

Another question is having created :

Some feedback on the French Forum side suggested that
[[Image:..........| 300px]]
was to small
setting to [[Image:..... | 800px]] is much better

How many resources that pulls on the server,page load time,noting that
depending on connection those pages can appear slow to load (ex:TBB via a bridge)

what is the ideal compromise,recommendations ?

Have a nice weekend!

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