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Echedey López Romero elr at disroot.org
Fri Dec 29 23:54:05 CET 2017

El vie, 29-12-2017 a las 17:29 -0500, bill-auger escribió: 
> On 12/29/2017 04:59 PM, Echedey López Romero wrote:
> > I'm looking for the possibility of opening or participating in a project
> > that consists of carrying free software from outside the distro on which
> > Trisquel is based in order to complement the one that is.
> i think that the trisquel "package helpers" is precisely that sort of
> project as you describe - see this link
> https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/package-helpers
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It is compatible with the idea but it is not the same. Trisquel
package-helpers only rebuild source code from Ubuntu (or other debian)
repositories. They are packages with some tools (or files) plus source
code to get .deb packages more easy (if not directly) after compile.

Echedey, López Romero
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