[Trisquel-devel] FSDG question: extension of bleachbit patch for Trisquel

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Dec 26 19:43:44 CET 2017

i will add again what i said at that meeting - i think it is safe to
assume that the FSDG has no suggestions against the deletion of files
created by non-free programs - the the FSDG's intention is merely not to
suggest using non-free programs in the first place - but if these files
are already present i dont see any reason why bleachbit should be
prevented from deleting them - surely that is preferable to leaving them
on the *nix filesystem if present - my suggestion to change the labels
in the GUI to not mention the brand names of the programs that created them

even the windows .DS_Store files are already labeled simply that:
'.DS_Store' with no mention of 'Windows' - surely that is not condoning
or even suggesting the use of Windows by noting it will delete any files
named *.DS_Store - it is really only suggesting that any such files are
unwanted - removing the cleaners for non-free programs entirely greatly
reduces the usefulness of the bleachbit program - 'Chromium' and 'Google
Chrome' for example, if you have ever used bleachbit, are among the
largest set of files to be deleted - it is the very purpose of that
program to delete files you do not want in order to free up disk space
and deleting the caches of those two program along with firefox are by
far the ones that will free up the most disk space if used regularly

perhaps you could just change the labels where they read 'Chromium' and
'Google Chrome' to 'Non-Free Browser' so that bleachbit would still be
allowed to delete their files without mentioning them by name - if i am
not mistaken i think that bleachbit will only show programs that it has
actually detected traces of so this would have the added effect of
pointing out clearly to the user that the use of non-free programs has
been detected on the system

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