[Trisquel-devel] New Trisquel 8 development images

Ben Gailly ben at techtux.be
Mon Dec 25 19:06:36 CET 2017

Mister Bill-

Thank you for paying such attention to the License side.

You are totally right about the license part of a work which is important to protect people, use of work and derivative work.

The license used in the COPYING file is now GPL v3.

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ben -

the license of the trisquel logo is GPLv3 or later which means that
derivative works must also be licensed GPLv3 or later - that is stated
plainly on the page that is linked to in the AUTHOR(S) file in that repo
(https://trisquel.info/en/wiki/logo) - but the COPYING file in that repo
is GPLv2 which is incompatible with GPLv3

please dont me angry at me for pointing this out - i am glad to see
artists using the GPL and providing sources as thoroughly as you do and
think you have the best intentions at heart - but you really must pay
closer attention to the specifics of the licenses of the source
materials that you borrow from - this is not my personal opinion just to
be a dick or put you down in any way - this is a plain issue of
copyright laws and anything short of complete compliance with them puts
not only yourself at a risk but also those to whom you are offering to help

i do not intend to discourage you in any way - i really hope you
continue making artwork for free software but i simply must again point
out that it THE number 1 defining ideal of the libre distros such as
parabola and trisquel to be in full compliance with copyrights and free
software licenses - their artwork and artists simply must be held to
that same standard as their software developers in order to promote a
good example for the community

Ben Gailly

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