[Trisquel-devel] Started fixing make-asunder

Pablo Correa Gómez ablocorrea at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 6 02:20:05 CET 2017

Dear developers.

	First of all, I'll just explain what I'm doing and then I'll
present myself, as I know developers are very busy and might not care
about that. 
	I have just started fixing the package make-asunder, as, in
alphabetical order, it was the first package that I was not able to
find in the repositories of Trisquel 8. I thought there would be some
problem with the package helper, and building it, it turned up that the
patches to remove the aac and monkey dependencies need to be updated.
As I am not an expert developer, I first wanted to give some package a
try to understand a bit more the development process. I have not
finished, but looks like I am being able to reduce the errors. 
	As I am feeling confident with the process, I would like to
know if I should continue fixing this package or if you would recommend
me to start with some other more critical package that needs to be

	Now, I'll present myself. I am an engineering student quite
passionate about free software and code, although I'm not exactly
studying computer science. I discovered Trisquel through the FSF more
than a year ago, but my intel WiFi card was not working, so I installed
Fedora and then it has taken me some time to move back to Trisquel.
	When, recently, I started paying attention again to Trisquel, the project looked quite stucked but there was quite a lot of people asking for information to help in the development, which pushed to try and help the project. Even though I am not an experienced developer, I have some experience with scripting and managing GNU/Linux systems and helping in the development of a distro looked like a nice challenge. I have spent some time in the last weeks to set up the build environment and to learn a bit of git... So today I just started with a random package and it is working fine. I hope to be able to contribute more in the following days and to learn as much as I can from all of you.

Passionate greetings,

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