[Trisquel-devel] Rev 13: - First version for package ldm-trisquel-themes in file:///home/bzr/trisquel-packages/branches/aklis/

Santiago Rodríguez santi at trisquel.info
Sun Dec 11 05:55:35 CET 2011

At file:///home/bzr/trisquel-packages/branches/aklis/

revno: 13
revision-id: santi at trisquel.info-20111211045729-25jfb2os74awcv21
parent: santi at trisquel.info-20111208151020-813z77yig2m6jpdv
committer: Santiago Rodríguez <santi at trisquel.info>
branch nick: aklis
timestamp: Sun 2011-12-11 05:57:29 +0100
  - First version for package ldm-trisquel-themes
  # Closes http://trisquel.info/es/issues/1564
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